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The first book published by Gundega Baltic School of Yoga  (Baltic Yoga School Gundega – Vinayas suggestion)  is Dhyana Manjusa (A Bouquet of Meditations). This precious work, an anthology of chants starting with the Upanishads, still in use in the age-old wisdom-schools of India, represents the true understanding of Yoga in the land of its origins.  With transliterations in roman script, it can be helpful for those interested in learning to chant the mantras. Translations are by Nataraja Guru, Vinaya Chaitanya and Hypatia A. Chaitanya, from the lineage of Narayana Guru, known for open, universal outlook, transcending all borders. Since aim of Gundega Baltic School of Yoga ((Baltic Yoga School Gundega ) is to promote yoga, we offer this masterpiece to wide Internet audience in pdf format for free. You can download this book on link below: