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  • The Gundega Baltic School of Yoga believes that key to personal development is meditation. Nowadays there are many yoga traditions, but all of them are united by meditation. Since our aim is to popularize yoga, we wish to emphasize its essential element, and promote meditation (even) among people who are not  interested in (the physical aspects) of yoga.
  • We realize that it is a challenging task, that is why, we are requesting/ asking your help to develop creative, innovative, breakthrough ideas about how to introduce meditation to non-yoga practitioners. We invite you to submit your ideas, with description of meditation techniques, the target audience, the way to reach them and the way how this audience will obtain this meditation.
  • The deadline/last date for submissions is 31 August 2013. All ideas will be published on our webpage. We encourage readers to leave your/their comments on the ideas, and authors to take this comments into consideration and improve initial ideas before the deadline.
  • The winner will be selected by a jury consisting of /The members of jury are/ Vinaya Chaitanya, Ance Karnupa, Ilvita Klaviņa and Govind. The name of the winner will be announced on 15 of September 2013. The prize of this contest is Yoga Teacher Training Course by Gundega Baltic School of Yoga, worth 2100,16 € (this includes tuition fee only, traveling and accommodation expenses should be covered by the winner) . The winner should be at least 18 years of age, and start/complete the/ this course before 1 January 2019.
  • P.S. Important notice! In order to come up with truly innovative ideas, we ask you to use analogies/y from different fields. Try to remember similar solutions from more sophisticated situations and apply it for this contest. Don’t forget to develop/strengthen/deepen/broaden your idea based on the comments.
  • Submit your ideas to contest@balticyogaschool.org